Tea For Today 2/27/09

Today:Friday, February 27, 2009
Outside My Window: Partly cloudy, a little windy, but warmer than yesterday I think.
Today’s Goal: Exercise and drink more water; pray the Rosary
Today’s Plan: School; Take anything out of the Master bedroom that does not belong there; Stations of the Cross tonight.
Today’s Tea: Nut Crunch Rooibos tea: this is one of my favorites. Nutty aroma and taste – hazelnuts! and no caffeine.
Today’s Tidbits: First Friday in Lent. I am going to redo my daily schedule so that I can actually follow it. My old one got too cluttered, so I stopped following it.

Tea for Today

I thought I would do a little daily (or as often as I can) post about the teas I enjoy drinking and selling. I want to share with you what teas I like best and why, along with little interesting tidbits about what is going on here at Windyside (that is what I have named our house, since there is an almost constant wind blowing day and night).

Today: Ash Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Outside My Window: Cold and windy
Today’s Goal: Exercise and drink more water, pray the Rosary, start Lent off right
Today’s Plan: School week 23; Mass tonight
Today’s Tea: Spiced Pear Black tea. I am sipping it hot and plain, but I also like it with a little sugar or cream, and it is really good iced with sugar, too. This is a nice, warming tea since it has ginger in it.
Today’s Tidbits: I am wondering how to block the wind so that we can grow a wider variety of vegetables and flowers in our garden this year.

I plan on posting my monthly Tea Newsletter too, so watch for that.