Pretty Aprons!!!

I like wearing an apron as I go about my daily duties, but I never thought of an apron as a fashion accessory or as a figure-flattering fashion statement. Until now.

These are just the cutest kitchen gadgets I have ever seen! has this same apron in many different prints, and they are all beautiful. Some have matching pot holders, kitchen towels and headbands for sale as well. Some, such as the one above, are available in a matching child size!

This one might make Spring Cleaning something to look forward to:
It is hard to choose, but this one is one of my favorites (bottom picture shows the reverse of the apron). All of the aprons are reversible:With such a pretty apron on, one might consider having one’s hair done and wearing heels to vacuum the carpet! Well, maybe not heels, but cute shoes and lipstick are a must!

If they had one in a tea cup and tea pot print I would seriously save my pennies to get one!