Lunar Eclipse Tonight

It has been a long time since I blogged last, or even since I looked at others’ blogs, but I wanted to mention tonight’s event because the next one won’t occur until December of 2010 (which may be the next time I get a chance to blog again).

Anyway, I found out a couple of days ago that tonight there will be a total lunar eclipse and that its climax will occur at a reasonable hour, so I thought we could let the kids stay up to see it. Not until today (3 days after my weekly shopping day) did it occur to me that I could make it “fun” by providing snacks whose names coincide with the theme of the night sky, like Moon Pies or Milky Way bars.

Upon further reflection, however, I decided that buying these treats wasn’t a good idea after all because: 1)I don’t really have the money, 2) It’s Lent, and 3) I don’t actually like Moon Pies or Milky Way bars.

So, since it will probably be about 20 degrees outside, and cloudy, maybe we’ll watch the eclipse online and have some hot cocoa or tea.