Epiphany 2014

Adoration of the Magi

God has come to us as an infant. He came, after having been prophesied since the beginning of the world, king of the Jews. And yet, the Jews rejected Him. The Scriptures tell us that when the 3 Magi (pagan followers of Balam) came to Herod to ask where the King of the Jews was, he, and all of Jerusalem with him, were “greatly troubled.” Why were the Jews, to whom this King was promised, greatly troubled and not rejoicing? Why did they not go with the Magi to adore the newborn King? What is our response to His birth into the world? Does it make a difference in our lives, as it did in the lives of the 3 Magi who dropped everything in order to find this King and give Him their best gifts, and adore Him? Do we seek Him? Do we give Him our best, or do we reserve that for ourselves and give Him lip service only? Is your life different from those around you who do not know Christ? Do they see you and wonder who this King is that reigns in your heart and makes you joyful, even in tribulation? Do they see the faith you have in all of your actions? Do they find hope in your words? Do they experience love just by knowing you?