Tea For Today

Today: Sunday, April 19, 2009 Divine Mercy Sunday
Outside My Window: sunny! The kids are making snowmen with the wet heavy snow we got yesterday.
Today’s Goal: make bread and soup for dinner.
Today’s Plan: Dark laundry, REALLY finish putting away all clothes from our trip.
Today’s Tea: English Breakfast. This is a classic black tea.
Today’s Tidbits: We are starting in FlyLady’s Zone 4 (Master Bedroom & Bath). I stripped the bed to wash the sheets, and I am decluttering the trash that I have accumulated by my desk.

The Lord's Day

We try to make Sundays special. We go to Mass in the morning and don’t do any unnecessary work, and I try to have a special dessert just to celebrate the Lord’s Day and the gift of family.

Last Sunday we woke up to blizzard conditions, so we did not go to Mass. Instead, we had our own Liturgy of the Word and Spiritual Communion. Susan even sang the Sanctus for us, so we recorded her:

Later, we made an apple pie!

Here’s Susan helping with the flour:

Here’s Margaret with the pie filling we made a few weeks ago and had in the freezer:
Here’s Ian putting the pie crust in the dish: