The Adventures of Mini-Mike, part 1: The Great Commission(ing)

Last weekend, we drove to Dallas to celebrate my brother-in-law’s graduation form the University of Dallas, and his commissioning into the United States Air Force.  We decided to have a little fun, so we made a “Mini-Mike” doll and dressed it in a scholar’s gown.  Here are Mini-Mike’s adventures for your viewing pleasure:


It was the night of Real Mike’s Commissioning into the US Air Force as a Second Lieutenant.  Real Mike looked handsome in his uniform, and we all were so proud of him! Dad (a USAF Lieutenant Colonel) Swore him in, and Mom, together with Aunti Mimi and Aunt Barbara pinned on his new rank insignia.

After the ceremony there was a little reception with snacks and cake, so we took Mini-Mike over to the bar to see what there was.  First, Mini-Mike took a ride in Ian’s shirt pocket with the silverware and napkins.  He had a great view of everything there was to eat.

Mini-Mike decided that the Chex Mix looked good, but he wanted a closer look.

Wow, what a big cake!  No, Mini-Mike, you may NOT jump on it or lick the frosting.

After the long ceremony and all that cake, Mini-Mike was tired.  He had a good sleep in the camera case with the camera, and was ready to tour Real Mike’s Alma Mater the next day.  Stay tuned for Mini-Mike’s next adventure!