A New House, a New Home

We have been in our new house for almost a month already, but it is still not home. Robert (3) keeps saying tearfully, “I want to go home!” I know how he feels. We lived in our little house on the prairie, which we affectionately called “Windyside Manor,” for almost 14 years. All of my children, except my oldest daughter, were born inside that house, and all of them learned to walk and talk there. I had never before in my entire life lived in any house or apartment for more than 3 years. Although we had put this house on the market a few years before (I still think it was providential that it did not sell), I did not think we would ever leave Colorado Springs.

Home, Sweet Home

Ian and the kids painting Windyside Manor

Ian and I looked at the new house a couple of months ago, and we both could see our family living there and being happy. Immediately I saw exactly where we could have a family chapel, and we quickly figured out what children would fit in which rooms. Best of all: we’d all be together under one roof every day.

Loveland Home

Our New Place

The kids and I picked out paint chips for the bedrooms and bathrooms and the chapel. The day after we moved in, my In-Laws came to spend 2 nights and days with us and got the basement rooms painted before the floor was installed.

Dad's organization skills got the basement painted in 2 days!

Dad getting it done. Go Dad!

We are all still living out of boxes and suitcases, and sleeping in sleeping bags because our basement is not finished yet. What we thought just needed a coat of paint and flooring has turned out to be a huge project, involving removing and rebuilding walls. Apparently the previous owners removed a load-bearing wall, so putting it back became a priority!

Future Chapel!

New walls

Gratefully, we all get along in our close quarters on the main floor. We have a bathroom-and-a-half upstairs, but we were down to one toilet for a while. Not fun. Especially last week when three kids had sudden flu-like symptoms with no warning. Did I mention we don’t have a washer or dryer hooked up yet? You guessed it: the laundry room is in the basement. I have gotten to know Lupita at the laundromat really well.

Some good news, though, is that the contractor we hired is wonderful. He and his wife have been working in our basement almost every day since we moved in, and have laid laminate flooring in both bedrooms and part of the hall, built that all-important load-bearing wall, and today will finish laying the tiles in the bathroom. Tomorrow they will grout them, and the next day they’ll install the toilet! We’ll have two places to bathe, and THREE TOILETS! If you are a mom of many like I am, you will rejoice with me! Alleluia indeed!

Gotta go!

The Long-Anticipated Third Toilet


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