St Francis de Sales and Our Lady

St. Francis de Sales is one of my favorite saints. The more I get to know him, the more I love him and want him to help me become a saint.

Both my pastor and an assistant pastor at our parish have said, in their sermons, that we should approach Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist as if it were the FIRST time we were going to receive Him, the LAST time we were going to receive Him, and the ONLY time we were ever going to receive Him. Think about that as you read what our illustrious saint has said:

“Think for a moment of the piety of the Madonna when the angel told her that the Spirit would overshadow her. What sentiments of humility, confidence and courage! At the very moment when she understood that God had given her His heart, that is, His Son, she gave herself to God. Her soul was flooded with charity, so she could say with the sacred spouse, ‘…My heart trembled within me, and I grew faint when he spoke.’ [Sg:5:4] As far as we are concerned, we receive a similar grace in Communion, because not an angel but Jesus Christ Himself assures us that in it the Holy Spirit descends on us. Heavenly power covers us with its shadow and the Son of God really comes to us. He can say that He is conceived and born in us. Truly then, the soul can respond with the Madonna, ‘I am the servant of the Lord; let is be done to me as you say.'” [Lk 1:38] ~St. Francis de Sales

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