Pilgrimage: Day 11 Happy Birthday to Me!

Day 11: December 10, 2013: St. Melchiades, Pope and Martyr, pray for us!

Pope miltiades.jpg

Today I turn 44! Ian is in Fort Collins at work, the kids are working on their school, and I am helping them while I get ready for a doctor’s appointment. I know it does not sound all that special or exciting, but the life that God has given me, and that I have freely chosen and accepted, is the most beautiful gift. Each moment I choose to say “Yes” to God is a diamond He adds to His Blessed Mother’s crown.

So how do I say YES today? By getting up when I would rather stay in bed. By getting the children up when I would rather enjoy the quiet as long as possible. By encouraging them to do their schoolwork when it would be easier to have a free day. By helping them with their school when I have 1,000 other things that have to get done besides this. By staying in God’s holy Presence all day, and keeping the inner peace He gives me, even when there is disorder and noise all around me. By doing what each moment demands. By giving priority to my prayer time, and going to bed on time so that tomorrow I can get up and do it again!

Here is a beautiful thought for today: “What? The cross make us lose our inward peace? Surely it is the cross that bestows it on our hearts. All our miseries come from our not loving it.” ~ St. John Vianney

Today’s walk: 20-40 minutes at an easy pace.


One thought on “Pilgrimage: Day 11 Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Had a lovely walk this evening just as the sun was going down. The sky was the most beautiful blue, and Venus was shining brightly in the southwestern sky. The combination of the blue sky and the shining planet always makes me think of Our Lady. I had such a lovely, peaceful day today, and the quiet walk with my Mother was the perfect ending. Thank you, my Lord, for the beautiful life you have given me, your unworthy servant. Make me grateful for all your gifts, especially the painful ones that show me how much you love me and want me to be close to you.

    Over 100 people wished me a happy birthday today, including cousins from Spain and Mexico, college, high school and grade school friends, my priest, my doctor, the receptionist at the medical lab, and the nurse who took my blood! God has shown me such love. It comes in the form of the kindness of other people, and also in the hardships that come with life, but mostly in the everyday peace inside that keeps me in His presence despite the chaos in the world and the worries that try to take my attention from what really matters.

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