Pilgrimage: Day 7: St. Nicholas!

I woke up (maybe) early this morning while it was still dark, and was glad I did not have to go anywhere today. Now that the sun is up at 7:30 AM, it is  -18 degrees outside, with a windchill factor of -35!! I love my husband more than ever for braving these temperatures every day to go to work to support the family. Ian, you are my hero and my king!

I let the kids sleep in since most of them have finished their school work for the week, and I thought they would wake up on their own, knowing Who had come last night to fill their Christmas stockings!  The boys were up by 6, and by 6:45 they were chomping at the bit, so I let them go wake their sisters.

They each got a couple of clementine oranges, a candy cane, some chocolate coins, a small Italian torrone candy, and some peanut brittle. The baby got 2 clementines and 2 graham crackers, which made her extremely happy! Her sister peeled one of the oranges for her, and she ate the other one, peel and all!

Now Lucy is making French toast for breakfast, which we will eat with grapefruit halves. Yum.

Today’s walk, which will be inside again: 15-30 minutes. I think I will just do three 8-minute workout videos, since walking briskly is rather difficult inside the house! I must remember to drink plenty of water. Besides there being hardy any humidity outside, the heater is drying the air more inside the house. Thank you, Lord, for working furnaces!

Now, I can’t have a post about St. Nicholas Day without mentioning this great saint! There are so many wonderful stories about this beloved bishop. Among our favorites are the story of how he saved 3 girls from slavery by throwing bags of coins into their house at night, thus providing them with dowries, and the one of how he saved 3 boys from death (a wicked butcher had killed them and put them into a pickling barrel). But I cannot express the reality that is St. Nicholas in a more beautiful way than Leane did at her blog Finer Femininity, so go over there and read her post!

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