Pilgrimage: Day 6

Day 6: Thursday, December 5, 2013: St. Sabbas, pray for us!

Outside the world is quiet, cold, and white. The air sparkles with tiny bits of ice mimicking the stars that shine sharply against the deep velvet sky, and not even the many rabbits that live on our land dare to disturb the silence and the smooth surface of the snow covering the ground (and a multitude of sins, like the child’s wagon not put away before the storm). Ian has driven away, after coaxing the minivan into life, screaming and complaining (the van, not Ian).

Today I will exercise inside the house again; the high temperatures outside promising a meager 12 degrees at the summit of today’s heat. Right now it is negative 4 and feels like it. The sun is starting his ascent, turning the sky into an immense opal before  he sets it on frozen fire.

The kitchen is starting to warm up with oatmeal and cinnamon on the stove, and little feet are starting to pitter-patter around the house. Today is St. Nicholas Eve. Today is a school day. If the kids and I finish today’s work, we will have tomorrow off to bake Nativity cookies!

Today’s walk: 15 to 30 minutes.

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