Pilgrimage: Day 5

Day 5: December 4: St. Peter Chrysologus and St. Barbara, pray for us!


Before I begin my walking log for today, I want you to go to my friend Leane’s blog Finer Femininity and read the fabulous tale of St. Barbara.

Are you back? Great!

Last night’s “storm” that was supposed to bring 6 inches of snow, had brought a dusting by 5 AM. The forecast calls for up to 2 inches today, so it would not be bad to walk outside, except that the high temperature is supposed to be 12 degrees, with a windchill of -12 (yes, that’s NEGATIVE TWELVE DEGREES FAHRENHEIT). It is cold in the house, and we are all wearing sweaters and blankets.

I had to make a lot of room in the refrigerator last night for all the groceries I brought home, so I will be roasting a turkey for dinner!  That should warm up the house! I will be walking briskly around the kitchen while it bakes.  Today’s walk should be 15-30 minutes.

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