Annual Blog Post 2013

So many things have happened since my post last September. Among the most life-altering were the new job Ian got in another town, and the burning down of my In-Laws’ home.

Ian slowed the operations of, which for the last 10 years, has been our sole source of income. For many reasons, it was not enough to support a family of 12, so the hard decision was made to shut it down. At the same time, Ian was offered a job doing pretty much the same thing for another company. Unfortunately, the job is 2 and a half hours away from our home, so there is a lot of time away from the family for him, and a lot of work that both of us have to do alone. We will have to move closer to his work in the near future. is open for business again, but on a much smaller scale. Slowly we will build it up again, but we will probably never have a brick-and-mortar store again.

This summer Black Forest, Colorado had a big fire in which more than 500 homes were burned.  One of those homes was my In-Laws’, and therefore, ours also. Their children, all grown up now, and their grandchildren, have so many memories of life there. This was our home, and our hearts ache to see it destroyed so completely. But we thank God that no one was hurt there, and for the realization that, although many of the things in the house were unique and irreplaceable, they were only things after all, and the love we shared within those walls remains.

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