Dwija’s Request

My awesome Sister-In-Law Dwija (aka Dweej) is having a giveaway today, and one of the suggested things to do to get a chance to win is to blog about this:

“What’s your favorite tip for teaching your littlelest littles? If you don’t have a favorite tip yet, what makes you nervous?”

So,  let’s have some fun with it, shall we?

Here is a list of my favorite tips for teaching the littlest littles:

1.  No paint.  Unless they are wearing already-stained clothes and are at someone else’s house, and that someone else likes cleaning paint off children.

2.  That’s pretty much my favorite right there.

That was easy!  Now for the “What makes you nervous” part.

1. Paint near littlest littles.

2. Littles near paint.

3. Littles on or near ladders and paint.

4. Painting the back room on a ladder with paint, while no one is watching the littles. (True story).


6 thoughts on “Dwija’s Request

    • I have paintphobia. Fear of paint. But it only comes out when there are small people around. At church there is a big plastic bag hanging on the coat rack where we always hang our coats, bags, hats, etc. Written on this bag in permanent marker are the words “Craft shirts. Wear backwards.” This bag makes me nervous. Because it means that small people are going to be near paint and/or other messy substances (“controlled substances” in my house). I had to cut some of Susan’s hair out this morning because she went to bed with gum in her mouth. This might seem like a rambling, stream-of-consciousness random list of things, but it’s not. These are all nervous-Mommy-making things.

  1. Paula – wonderful to see you posting! My favorite tip? Teach them early to wash their hands. My kids washed their hands (or I washed them for them) after every diaper change to get them used to the connection between going to the bathroom and handwashing. I think it has paid off.

    BTW: It is hard to have a paint phobia with a house full of artists! We have a picture of Phoebe head first in Charles’ paint drawer in his studio when she was about 15 months old!

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