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My husband’s family is part Scottish, as is mine.  We enjoy going to the Long’s Peak Scottish-Irish Festival at Estes Park, CO every year, and have been participating in the parade for a number of years now.  Several years ago my siblings-in-law and I got together to buy my Father-In-Law a kilt outfit for Christmas so that we could all do the “Scottish thing” together.  As I was in charge of researching where to buy something of high quality and within our price range, I spent the better part of a month looking for a reputable business with which to deal.  I searched through companies in the USA, since that is where we live, and I searched Canadian & overseas businesses.  I found many, many companies that sell kilts and kilt accessories!  I was overwhelmed at first with how many places you could buy all things Scottish.  I needed to narrow it down somehow.

As it turns out, that was fairly easy.  Not many of the businesses I found at first carried the Hume tartan, which is what the Rutherford clan wears, having been a sept of the Hume clan.  None of the US or Canadian businesses at that time carried this tartan, so I looked overseas.  One business stood out at once for selection, good reviews and excellent customer service.  That company was Scotweb.  I can’t say enough about the kindness and attention their customer service representative gave to me as I asked question after question before I even placed an order.  Since Hume isn’t the most popular tartan, it was a while after placing my order that the kilt and other things I bought arrived.  But it was totally worth the wait!!  The kilt was so beautiful and well-made, I immediately wanted to order one for my husband and son, and a kilted skirt for myself!  Dad loves his kilt and still wears it to the Highland Games every year.  Mom bought herself a hostess skirt outfit to match Dad’s and ties and bow ties for her grandsons.  Mom & Dad had their portrait taken in their tartan finery, and the picture hangs proudly in their home.  I bought tartan yardage and made kilts for my sons (I have had 3 more boys since the initial order was placed!) and they proudly wear them alongside their grandfather in the parade in Estes Park and in the clan tent.  Hope to see you there this year!


8 thoughts on “Tartans & Such

  1. I’m part of the Hume clan and have been hunting for the better part of two years for the Hume hunting tartan. I just recently bought four shirts from Lands end of the ancient tartan and sadly they don’t have any more. My sons are all upset they didn’t get one in their sizes. If you ever find the Hume hunting tartan let me know. True to the end.

  2. I always joke that I am Scottish enough to have a tartan, but not Scottish enough to remember what it is 🙂
    All joking aside, I am of the MacKenzie Clan.

    • Thank you, David! I had never seen Hunting Hume, and did not know it even existed. I joined the facebook page today. It would be nice to have a piece of this tartan to display at the festival next year. We just came back yesterday from this year’s.

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