How to Simplify Your Life In 5 Easy Steps

First, go and sell all that you have and follow Jesus.

Second,…Oh wait. Not so easy? We are very attached to our “stuff” aren’t we? How do we learn to let go? A wise friend told me that he couldn’t tell me what to get rid of, but this advice would help me see what to give away or sell and what to keep: Find out what you are NOT going to be good at so that you can be good at something else.

Hmm. So, maybe I don’t need to hang on to the fabric and sewing patterns for Civil War dresses and Renaissance re-enactments for another 10 years, just in case I ever get into it. Or the maternity dress pattern and fabric I have had for at least 7 years. Yes, I know I am pregnant again and I might have more kids after this, but I don’t really have time or space for sewing a dress for myself. Someone else can use it before it goes out of style (again). Maybe I will not learn to decorate altar linens with fine hand-made lace or tatting. Maybe I won’t learn to smock heirloom dresses until my kids are grown up and out raising their own families. Piano? Our teacher has moved to another state and we’re not looking for a new one. Besides, we haven’t really had lessons for at least 2 years. Someone else can use it. St. Patrick’s Day decorations that someone gave me: I have never decorated for St. Paddy’s Day beyond a green table cloth, so I don’t need to store a bin full of green tinsel and a giant green leprechaun hat.

The kids have bins full of papers that they never look at, so why are they taking up square footage in the back room? We can’t really use the room because it is full of stuff we don’t use!

I have always dreamed of building a family chapel on our property, and I have always looked outside for a place to put it. But if we just get rid of all the boxes, bins, and piles in the back room, it would be the PERFECT place to sit in the quiet and pray, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Ok. Step one: Look at one bin every night and decide if I am going to sell, give away, or throw away the contents. Pray for me!


11 thoughts on “How to Simplify Your Life In 5 Easy Steps

  1. I am in the middle of this too. Sounds just like my own inner dialogue, except my clutter is made up of rubber stamps, family photos, scrapbooking materials, books I’ll never read, decorative dishes and cookie cutters. Best of luck looking through your bins! You can do it! Ask your guardian angel for help. 🙂

    • Thanks for the prayers, LeeAnn! Don’t be fooled: I have rubber stamps, family photos, books I will never read (and probably don’t know I have), as well as cookie cutters and decorative dishes (mostly broken, waiting to be repaired). What I mentioned was only what I could think of while sitting at the computer!

      I don’t do anything without consulting my Guardian Angel!

  2. You are expecting again? How wonderful!! I was just thinking of you the other day and wondered if another Rutherford would join the clan soon. When is the big day expected?
    I’ve been doing this drill at our house as well…though it was with a twinge of regret that I gave away the last of the baby items…with 4 here and 4 in heaven I should not be greedy and want another, but still…God bless!!

  3. Thank you all for your well-wishes and congratulations!

    I am more determined now that Holy Week is here to have the beginnings of a chapel for Easter! How nice that would be!

    Ok, “Back Room!” I’m coming to get you!

  4. Getting rid of the stuff frees you up in many ways. It not only frees up badly-needed space, but it frees you up spiritually to know that you are not hoarding what others can use and possibly actually need. I hang on to too much stuff, and am grateful for the Lenten season to practice the Jewish custom of cleaning thoroughly to insure there is no leaven in the house by Passover time. I am not ridding the house of leaven, but I always find loads of stuff stashed away in drawers and closets which I don’t need.

    Having the responsibility of taking care of a garden and animals is wonderful training for children. As to being tied down, perhaps you can co-op if you have to leave–“I’ll milk your cow if you’ll feed my pigs and gather the eggs” kind of trading with other families who are engaged in the same life-style. It is do-able.

  5. I’m just catching up on your blog and wanted you to know that your de-cluttering certainly benefited a young lady here! Kathleen took the fabric and pattern we bought from you and made a gorgeous cape out of it that she wore to the Civil War Ball this year. We really need to show it off to you since we remark every time what a wonderful bargain it was. lol btw, Kathleen does teach piano lessons if you need an economic piano teacher who can drive to your home.

    • Oh Barb, I would LOVE to see the cape! As for piano lessons, we don’t have a piano anymore (also from the decluttering episode).

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