Cub Scout Popcorn for Sale!

If you are hankering for some Cub Scout Popcorn, here’s your chance to buy it online from my son! He’s a Wolf Scout this year and is really working hard to pay his own way to Camp next summer. Won’t you help him reach his goal?

Dear Kitty Eleison Reader,

Did you know that you can help send me to Scout camp this year? Just click here and place an order on my behalf. With new stuff like Wasabi Soy Almonds and a Gold Level Military Donation, there’s a lot more than popcorn to choose from.

Plus, you won’t just be helping me. 70% of your purchase will benefit Scouting in my area and help more kids experience all the things that make Scouting great. It’s a situation where everyone wins.

Thanks for your support,


If the above link is not available, please copy and paste this full URL into your Internet browser address bar:


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