Tea Newsletter ~ August 2009

Hello!  Summer seems to be winding down here in Colorado.  We hardly had any warm weather at all this year!  I am not complaining about the rain, though.  This is the greenest summer in recent history around here.  I wonder what this winter is going to be like?

I hope you are all enjoying whatever weather you have in your area.

Paula Rutherford
Independent Tea Consultant

Tea Trivia

Green and white teas should only be steeped 2 to 3 minutes to avoid making your tea bitter, but, once you let your tea leaves cool, you can steep them again at least twice!  Just add an extra minute for the second or third steepings.

Let’s Do Tea monthly specials:
For August 2009, if you host a party, you receive 15% merchandise credit, and one of the following: a free tin of tea (any tea $10.95 and under), a box of any size Tea Sacs, an Empress tea strainer, or the Stump Tea Pot.  You can see pictures of most of these items at kitty.letsdotea.org – see my featured items!

MY EXTRA SPECIAL: Book a party now for August or September and receive an Empress tea strainer!

There is also a Customer Special for August: Mt. Shasta or Mt. Rainier tea set for $20!!  See the featured items on my web site more information.

Summer Seasonals
(available until September 30):

#2504 Indian Summer:
Black Tea, Chocolate, Cloves, Cinnamon,
Saffron, Safflowers, Cilantro, Corn Bits, and
Natural Flavors.
#2505 Mojito:
Black Tea, Rooibos, Coconut, Pineapple,
Spearmint Lemon Bits, Rum Flavor, and
Natural Flavors.

#2506 Apricot Vanilla:
Apricot, Rosehips, Apple, Rose Petals,
Vanilla, and Natural Flavors.

Teas are $10.95 each or 28.95 for the Trio.
Trio includes one of each seasonal tea.
Trio #2507 Available July 1st – Sept. 30th

Stay Tuned for next month’s newsletter!  Lots of new tea flavors!

Recipe (you can send me your favorites to be published in future issues!)

Apricot Fool

Note: A fool is an old-fashioned English dessert that combines pureed fruit and whipped cream or custard.  This version is best when made with fresh ripe apricots.  Canned apricots can also be used; drain them and reduce the sugar to 1/4 cup.  Individual bowls filled with apricot fool and decorated with reserved apricot slices and additional whipped cream make a tasty and attractive presentation.

1 lb. fresh apricots

1/3 – 1/2 Cup firmly packed dark brown sugar

1 Cup heavy cream

Halve and pit the apricots, then slice them thinly.  It is not necessary to peel them. Set aside about 1 1/2 cups of the apricot slices.  Place the remaining apricot slices and the brown sugar in a food processor fitted with the metal blade or in a blender.  The amount of sugar you use will depend on how sweet the apricots are.  Process until smooth.

Using chilled beaters and a large chilled bowl, whip the cream until stiff peaks form.  Gently fold in the apricot mixture and then 1 cup of the reserved slices.

Spoon the apricot-cream mixture into individual bowls.

Garnish with the reserved slices and serve.

Serves 4

recipe adapted from Williams-Sonoma’s Fruit Desserts cookbook.

Tea Party ideas
It’s not too late to have an Iced Tea Party!  There are still plenty of warm days ahead.  Or how about a Back To School tea party?  Jelly Bean Dream fruit & herb tea is a hit with the younger crowd and is very good iced or hot.  Have a special treat after the first day of school: a cup of Cinnamon Delight Rooibos tea (iced or hot) and giant home made chocolate chip cookies!


If you have any questions regarding Let’s Do Tea, hosting a tea party or a catalog party, ordering teas without having a party, or becoming a consultant, please feel free to contact me.

Paula Rutherford
Independent Tea Consultant

If you aren’t already, but would like to be on my mailing list, please contact me by responding to this post.

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