Simple Woman's Daybook ~ April 22, 2009

FOR TODAY April 22, 2009…

Outside my window… Sunny and warm. Had a blizzard the other day with lots of heavy snow, but today is 70 degrees and perfect for being outside, despite a little mud.

I am thinking… about all the little things I need to do – I guess I better write it all down before i forget something important!

I am thankful for… sunshine and snow, and a place to make a garden.

From the learning rooms…back to school after Easter break!

From the kitchen… made whole wheat bread today. making Oriental chicken and mandarin orange salad for dinner.

I am wearing… khaki pants and red t-shirt.

I am creating… a kitchen garden in my mind.

I am going… to plant seeds in egg shells with the kids tomorrow.

I am reading… Kitchen Garden by Cathy Wilkinson Barash.

I am hoping… to have some tea parties soon.

I am hearing… kids popping bubble wrap when they are supposed to be cleaning up and getting in the tub…

Around the house… some dirt in the mudroom from the kids playing outside.

One of my favorite things… Ian coming home after work!

A few plans for the rest of the week: finish up the week’s school and finish planning the garden. Help Dad start the garden at his house.

Here is picture thought I am sharing… I am sorry to say that my camera and computer aren’t on speaking terms, so I will describe the adorable snowmen the kids made the other day after the blizzard. There was a Daddy, a Mommy, two kids and Mommy holding a baby. Daddy’s arms were made of a long stick pushed through his shoulder area, and he wore mittens and a baseball cap. Mommy wore a scarf as a baby sling and a sun hat. The kids wore little hats to help keep the sun off. The melted anyway. Today there is no trace of them except for the stick from Daddy’s arms.

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