Praying for Others

Do you have any triggers that remind you to pray for others?

This topic came up on an email list when one friend said she writes the names of people who have asked for prayers on the packets of injections she has to take every 12 hours. She offers up prayers and the discomfort for that person as she injects herself. Another friend offers up her migraines for people on her prayer list.

Another friend prays for the people in cars going by as she waits at a red light and for the passengers in airplanes that fly by overhead. I know many people who pray for the victims and the doctors when they hear an ambulance’s siren.

My Mother-In-Law prays for the person who gave her a gift whenever she sees or uses that gift.

I pray for my parents and siblings whenever the clock says 6:19 or 9:16, as these numbers showed up in various addresses we had while I was growing up. I pray for my children when the clock says 1:23 or 12:34: It reminds me of our home school (learning to count).

What reminds YOU to pray for others?


One thought on “Praying for Others

  1. Oh, I love the clock numbers idea. I tend to just be a “fleeting thought” type of pray-er – but like your MIL I do try to say a “Lord have Mercy” when I see or hear an aid vehicle.

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