Pantry Basics

Over at Catholic Exchange, Mary Kochan has posted an article on the practicality of having a pantry. Not the small closet in the kitchen we modern women think of – the one with cereal and mac-n-cheese for this week’s meals on its shelves. No – a real pantry like our mothers or grandmothers had – its shelves lined with jars of applesauce, green beans and beets she canned – and maybe grew – herself, the goods meant to last throughout the winter and spring until the next harvest.

This is an intriguing concept, one I hope to see revived in today’s homes. Mary’s article is the first of four, and I am eagerly awaiting the next one. I hope it will have some practical advice about how to start and maintain my own pantry.


6 thoughts on “Pantry Basics

  1. Oooh, I’m off to check it out, I agree, I’d love to have a row of things I canned and grew myself.

    I must admit, I’m scared of canning, though.

  2. Me too. I have done applesauce with my Mother-In-Law, but I don’t know if i would want to do green beans and carrots. I prefer to freeze those.

  3. What we can do safely (without a pressure canner) are beets, pickles, applesauce, and most fruits of various kinds. We can also dry fruits like peaches and apples and some veggies which can later be used in soups. Low acid foods, like most vegetables, require high heat (under pressure). I’ve never been overly impressed with the final products, whether done at home or bought commercially.

    And, we can make a variety of jams and jellies for our longer term storage. Just with the above items, we have a good start in stocking our pantry.

  4. Thanks, Mom. So…what are we canning this year? :o)

    I am looking at that heirloom seed catalog and will order some seeds soon. Hopefully we can grow enough veggies to “put up” for the winter AND learn how to save the seeds for next year!

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