Simple Woman's Daybook Dec. 29, 2008

FOR TODAY Monday, December 29, 2008…

Outside my window… dark, cold and windy. The sun has set and the temperature has dropped.

I am thinking… that I need to drink more water, but ice cold milk and something chocolate sounds more appetizing. Both will give me heartburn, so why not live a little? ;o)

I am thankful for… my wonderful husband who drives us all over town on shopping day (today) even when I can’t find half of what I am looking for at the stores.

From the learning rooms… we start week 15 tomorrow!

From the kitchen… we just bought some ingredients for yummy desserts and treats for Epiphany. Andrew wants to make something called “Eve’s Apple Crumble” from his Kids’ Bible Cookbook for fun, and we are making a couple of chess pies to serve with freshly whipped cream and berries on Epiphany, and also some cookies shaped like the 3 kings that the kids will paint with food coloring.

I am wearing… maternity khaki pants, a black tank top with red button-up shirt over it, and a gold sweater.

I am creating… in my mind, a sewing corner that will hopefully take flesh next Christmas!

I am going… to bed early tonight. I am exhausted!

I am reading… Bernina sewing machine brochures and Koala Cabinet brochures. Sigh. We went to the High Country Quilts shop next to Ian’s store and I just loved it. They have all kinds of fabrics for quilting and heirloom sewing, they offer wonderful classes, and they have all the Bernina sewing machines right there to try out and drool over. And then all the accessories, notions, embelishments, threads, colors… If I had 5 lifetimes I could not do all the kinds of sewing crafts that they can teach you how to do here. It is incredible. I’ll be back.

I am hoping… that I can get a little more energy before the baby is born to get some things done.

I am hearing… Andrew changing the pages of his Boy’s Life Magazine. The dish washer humming. The furnace turning on. Sounds of a home winding down for the night.

Around the house… The 4 youngest are in bed and quiet, so I hope some of them are sleeping. The 3 older ones are reading in the living room until their bed time, and Ian is working on his computer in the other room. I am reclined on the sofa with my laptop.

One of my favorite things… being home with everyone peacefully settled, with my feet up and nobody needing anything more.

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, playdate, Mass on Thursday, New Year’s dinner at Mom’s, the girls start up Irish dancing lessons again, Mass on Sunday, and Epiphany dinner.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…
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5 thoughts on “Simple Woman's Daybook Dec. 29, 2008

  1. The chess pie was SOOO good. The crust was flaky & perfect, and the filling was not too sweet – just right. Ian really knows how to make a pie!

  2. I will try to remember to post it. My memory is getting really bad here at the end of my pregnancy. I have promised my rumdy ball recipe to my Sister-In-Law a few times since Thanksgiving I think, and I have yet to actually give it to her. Sigh.

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