Room Transformations III: Girls' Bedroom

Our next Project is cleaning up the former Master Bedroom to make it into the new Girls’ Room!

This is what it looks like right now because we put everything from the former “Back Room” into it to paint the other rooms. Once we empty this room, we’ll paint it “Olive Grove” on the bottom and “Budding Green” on top, with a “White Light” chair rail between.

This is where the girls live now. You can see that it’s a little tight for four of them, and soon Maria will be joining them, so they need a bit more space.
This room will become the new “Back Room,” but it won’t have a bed in it. It’ll be a play room for the kids. We plan on removing the carpet and installing Pergo or some type of hard floor so they can build things with Lego or blocks, and have a place to roll their trucks besides the kitchen when I am making dinner. We hope to line the walls with book cases and cabinets so everything can be put away out of sight and still be found when needed. I’ll post pictures in the years to come as we accomplish these things.


2 thoughts on “Room Transformations III: Girls' Bedroom

  1. I love reading about your big, beautiful family! I giggled at your last few posts, because I was just thinking the other day how I would love to be blessed with so many kids that we had to move out of our big master bedroom to make room for them all!

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