The Weather Outside is Frightful…

…But in here, it’s so delightful!

When the snow blows, the kids decide to carry “Master & Mistress” in a litter through Africa.

Or be servants to the Indian Princess (holding the sticker book modestly to veil her face)…

…while Peter colors his Thanksgiving Turkey…

…and Andrew hides from the snow!


5 thoughts on “The Weather Outside is Frightful…

  1. The snow is almost gone already, even though it is barely over the freezing mark. The sun is out (I see more clouds coming in from the North though) and we’re going out in a little while to buy our “Advent Tree”!!!! I’ll take the camera to capture the moment and post it later.

  2. Hi Paula! Mami told me about your blog so I thought I’d stop by and say hi. The kids are getting so big! Is everyone excited about advent starting tommorrow? I know my girls are 🙂

  3. Paula???? Please, no, it’s just gotta be Kitty. You’re Kitty to me, now, and forever.

    Please check out my blog, get my e-mail, and if you choose, send me your address (or Ian’s work address) so I can send you the card I tried to give to Ian at that trade show (where I missed him by 5 minutes).

    Paula, huh? I just can’t think of you as anything but Kitty.

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