Food Meme

Mimi over at Bigger than a Breadbox had this meme up, so I consider myself tagged.

You take the letters of your name and write a little food-related factoid for each.

K – Kielbasa. Yummy. a friend brought over a casserole with penne pasta and kielbasa – delicious!

I – Italian Wedding Soup. This is such a good “comfort food!” It’s a meatball soup with spinach I think – it’s been a while since I made it; time to find the recipe again, methinks.

T – Tea. This is the perfect time of year for it. A friend of mine sells very good teas, and I had a tea party where she demonstrated how to brew different kinds for the best flavor (white, green, black, oolong and red). I ordered a bunch of them for myself and for Christmas gifts.

T – Tortillas. Corn for enchiladas, flour for fajitas or burritos. Fry some up and eat them topped with fried eggs and salsa. Mmmmm… that sounds good right now.

Y – Yogurt. Plain with honey; Raspberry in the blender with bananas and frozen berries; Strawberry with Cool Whip, poured into a Graham cracker crust and frozen – Yogurt is a great treat!

Note to self: Never do food memes when you’re hungry.


One thought on “Food Meme

  1. Tea is my mom’s cure-all so I think of it as comfort food!

    I agree, the Meme makes you hungry! You listed great things! Yogurt, ooooh.

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