Highland Fling

Over Labor Day Weekend, we got all dressed up and headed up to the Longs Peak Highland Festival and Games. Dad had signed us up to march in the parade to represent the Rutherford Clan earlier in the summer, so we all got together for that.
Front row: Lucy (8), Andrew (5), Susan (3), Margaret (7), Anne (4), Benedict (almost 2), Peter (1 1/2).
Back Row: Rebekah, Mike, Benjamin, Ian (in back), Mom, James, Dad & Paula

James (holding St. Andrew’s Saltire flag above) bought fabric and supplies and he and Mom & Dad made the clan banner and the clan banner (being held by Ian, right behind Mom) Here we are in the parade (above). Doesn’t Dad look great in his kilt? His kids all got together and bought him the kilt, jacket & brogues last Christmas. My beautiful Sister-In-Law is in the center wearing a skirt she made herself, and Mom is behind the second stroller wearing her gorgeous hostess outfit. I wish I had a better picture! I am bringing up the rear (37 weeks pregnant) in a navy blue dress my mother wore to MY wedding 11 years ago. I pinned a mini-sash in the family tartan on my shoulder.
Here’s Mike holding a banner while we waited for the parade to start. Doesn’t he look handsome in his Tweed jacket and cap?

Anne, Lucy, Susan, Margaret & Andrew cooled their feet after the parade at our picnic site not far from where we started marching.

We had a great time and hope to do it again next year!
We ha


5 thoughts on “Highland Fling

  1. Great photos! Isn’t there an amazing contrast between cooling one’s feet in water just a few short weeks ago, and now being snowed in!

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