Pioneer Tough

On Thursday, Sept. 20 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at home, with the assistance of 2 midwives, my husband and my Mother-In-Law. I was in labor since 6 that morning, but hard labor didn’t come until almost 10 that night, and Maria Isabel Andrea was born shortly after.

On Sunday, Sept. 23 we drove into town and went to Mass. Afterwards we went to the parish hall for donuts and coffee. We met a couple of families with lots of children, like us, and one man looked at me incredulously when he found out how old our baby was and said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are pioneer tough!”

I laughed about it then, but after Mass we spent the afternoon and evening at my In-Laws’ house where they were having a farewell-to-summer party. I didn’t do much more than sit around nursing the baby, but I spent the next few days groaning and staying in bed as much as I could. Not too pioneer-like at that point!


4 thoughts on “Pioneer Tough

  1. I’m a little slow you know…lol. I followed your comment on my blog here to yours and read about your daughter’s birth and was like wow…she was born on my birthday…how cool, that’s the second baby I know of this year…lol(wow and look, they both have the same name…lol). Duh!!!! Ok…I’m with it now…I think…lol.

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