Forget the Poinsettias this Christmas!

I recently came across this post over at O Night Divine. It seems that 70% of the nation’s poinsettias, those beautiful red plants used to decorate our homes and churches throughout December, are provided by the Ecke family in California. Sounds great – support a family business and decorate to celebrate the birth of our Savior!

BUT this family, unfortunately, uses the money they get from the sales of these poinsettias to renovate abortion mills and support Planned Parenthood’s agenda of more abortions!

So, can anyone think of a better alternative to buying poinsettias this year? Get the word out to your pastors about this!

Musings from A Catholic Bookstore has more on this.

Please post any church and home decorating ideas!

3 thoughts on “Forget the Poinsettias this Christmas!

  1. Thanks, Kristin! This is just what I was looking for! I hope we can spread the word and see if our local churches will order from Down Home Ranch!

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