Everybody Loves a Parade!

* I will add the photos to go with this post later. *

Last weekend (Saturday, September 9, to be precise) we all drove up to Estes Park, Colorado to participate in the Longs Peak Highland Games Parade. I made hard-boiled eggs and gingerbread cookies the night before so we could eat on the road, since we had to leave at 6 AM.

We arrived at the parade site supposedly just before the parade was to start, but had to stand around for a while before we actually started moving because there were many clans and bands there, and we had to wait our turn to go. Next year we’ll send one person to sign us all in, and actually bring everyone to the line up later. The littlest ones got a bit impatient, and I (37 weeks pregnant) was anxious to get going, too!

My Brother-In-Law bought the fabric and designed the banners which were carried by the men in the family.

Doesn’t Dad look great in his kilt? Mom looks elegant in her Hostess Dress. My beautiful Sister-In-Law made the skirt she is wearing when she was in Junior High School! And look how gorgeous she looks in it now that she is married and has an almost-two-year-old son (the cutie in the Glengarry hat), and a “bun in the oven.” The guys looked handsome in their Tweed jackets and driver’s caps. My guys all had matching tartan ties. I wore a tartan mini-sash over my shoulder with a navy blue dress my mother wore at my wedding 11 years ago!

It was wonderful to see that many people still know what to do when the Flag of the United States passes by. Many veterans in the crowds stood and saluted, and many civilians and children put their hands over their hearts.

After the parade, we had a picnic lunch at a nearby picnic area. The kids had fun dipping their feet in the stream at our picnic site.

It was a great day – the weather could not have been better. Next year we’ll do it again, God willing!


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