Pro-Family Businesses Wanted

In my previous post “Is it Wrong to Buy at Discount?” Someone commented that her family tries to support Catholic businesses whenever possible. I responded with this (below) and thought I should start a new post on the subject, asking if anyone knows of small family-run businesses that struggle to stay afloat because they cannot compete with larger corporations that discount more than the smaller businesses can (perhaps because they have their items manufactured in China or other countries that do not promote freedom for their people):

Kitty’s response: “Which reminds me! I am planning on repainting my kitchen and saw a wall hanging I really wanted at Hobby Lobby. It is just exactly the size and shape of what I was thinking of to put in the mud room – it is black wrought iron and has a rooster at the top and 7 hooks along the bottom – perfect for little coats and gloves in winter and little sun hats and gardening gloves in summer. HOWEVER, it is made in China and you have just reaffirmed why I cannot buy it. It supports forced abortions instead of strengthening families. Do you know any American family-run businesses that make and sell “country” type items for the home?”

SO! If you know of any such small businesses I would like to have a list here. It does not have to sell “country” items, but any small business that sells wholesome items NOT made in countries where Catholic values are trodden upon and people are enslaved. My blog does not reach millions, but I want to do my small part to help families trying to earn a living doing something worthwhile. Tell your friends to send me information on these businesses. I am especially interested in online and “local” stores (local to your part of the country or world).

14 thoughts on “Pro-Family Businesses Wanted

  1. I’d been uncomfortable about purchases made in China from a trade deficit standpoint before I read your post, so your post only reinforced my misgivings in this area. I’ve been going through my catalogs (usually don’t get to buy, but love to look) and it’s nearly impossible to find items that aren’t imported. I’ll keep looking, though, and keep you updated. Michelle Ross

    • Thank you Barb for your endorsement of our company.. I just happened to run across this while checking our search engine. We have moved since Barb’s endorsement in 2007 and are now in Heath, Ohio at a craft mall called Finders Keepers Craft Mall. We appreciate the support of anyone who buys from American Made Crafters and we strive personally to buy only Made In The USA products that help support American Workers and help keep America strong.

      Anna G.

  2. barb, no – the businesses do not have to be Catholic. They just have to sell good quality products (food, books, toys, clothing, home decor, services, etc.), and they have to be in support of families and not donate money to anti-life or anti family organizations (like Planned Parenthood or pornography, etc.).

  3. Mark – yes! Anything made in America that is a product that families can use. Here in Colorado it gets pretty dry – especially in the winter – so I am sure your products would be good for us here.

  4. Hi, Kitty. This is a great post. It would be great to find things that Hobby Lobby sells, but at a not-made-in-China local, pro-family store. I will definitely keep a look-out for this. I am grateful for everyone else’s responses and will check out some of the sites. Blessings 🙂

  5. If you are looking for electronics, more specifically computers, not made in China, you could check out:

    ASUS and ACER are both Taiwanese brands, a country that is democratic and puts and emphasis on freedom of religion. There are Catholics and other Christians there, as well as other religions. This is a country that is constantly oppressed by China and buying from Taiwan would help 1) show that we are not dependent on Chinese goods and 2) help the Taiwanese people.

    Generally, computers are, almost exclusively, made in China (in some form or another). ASUS has no Chinese made parts, and ACER, I believe, is still this way (they are a Taiwanese company, so I can’t imagine them using Chinese products).

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