Pray for Nana

My husband’s grandmother is old. Her 93rd birthday is coming up this August, but she may not make it. All of her children and some of her grand children and great-grandchildren are gathering at her house this week and next week to say goodbye. We will probably be headed there on Monday also.

Please pray for safe travel for all of her family who are going to see her, for strength for those of us left behind without her, but most of all for a happy and holy death for this beautiful woman who has touched so many lives with her generosity and hospitality.


3 thoughts on “Pray for Nana

  1. It appears God is not quite ready to call for Nana–she is doing much better. It could be all the company or just the miracle of oxygen. Praise God.

  2. Well, it looks like Nana is not QUITE ready to go. Which is good for us, since almost everyone in our house caught some sort of stomach virus and we were unable to go see her. Our plans at this point are to go in August.

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