Put On a Happy Face!

We were talking about all of the kids’ cousins, whom we will see at Christmas time.

Me: And Uncle Tommy & Aunt Dwija are having a little boy a little before our baby is born, so we’ll see him too!

Andrew (5): You mean they already know it’s a boy? How?

Me: Yes. Do you remember that thing my midwife put on my tummy and we could see the baby on a little TV? Well, they can sometimes see if the baby is a boy or girl.

Lucy (8): yeah, they look at the…

Me: Wait, let Andrew answer. Andrew, how do you think they can tell if it’s a boy or girl?

Andrew: They can tell by the face!


3 thoughts on “Put On a Happy Face!

  1. We had the same discussion when we were expecting our last baby. We told the kids it was a girl, and one of the little one’s wanted to know how we could tell. My second daughter said, “It’s easy, you can tell by the hair. If it’s long, it’s a girl, if they don’t have any it’s a boy.” Many of the children were horrified to learn they actually LOOK at the “privates” to tell the gender.

  2. Andrew at first suggested that they look for long hair or a bow, but then remembered that his younger sisters did not have hair or bows when they were born.

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