Home Decoration: Entrance/Mudroom

This is actually the back of the house, but we had the builders put it on our property facing the front, so that we’d have someplace easy to clean where people would be coming in from the outside. The actual front door opens onto the living room, which is carpeted. I am so glad we did this! We’ve had some very muddy winters & springs out here. It’s getting better as grass grows in and we landscape a bit, but still I like the idea of being able to mop instead of cleaning a carpet all the time. Anyway, the walls are currently “Roasted Cashew” which is very nice & warm. I have a picture of the “Polish Madonna” (Mary hanging clothes on a line with Baby Jesus sitting on the ground playing next to her) which would look great in here, especially as this is also the laundry room. A Holy Water font would be good to have in here by the door. I hung a curtain made of solid burgundy sheets from the ceiling in front of the washer & dryer to make this room more welcoming. I hope to hang a large mirror on one wall, and add a bench and a short cabinet with doors and shelves inside for shoe storage. Maybe some hooks on a wall for hats & coats. We currently have a tall fiberboard cabinet in here which holds kitchen towels. I would like to move the cabinet to the garage for use there, and find another place for the towels (some of the wash cloths need replacing too).


2 thoughts on “Home Decoration: Entrance/Mudroom

  1. Wow, Kamilah, thanks for responding to my post! I wrote it 5 years ago! Since writing it I have solved the shoe storage problem with a 4-level shoe shelf (metal with wood-slat shelves). I still have the burgundy curtains hiding the washer & dryer.

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