Home Decorating: Master Bedroom

This is a big room. We have a Queen size bed, a side table with drawers, a tall chest of drawers, a Jacobean table that is in use as a computer table for when Ian works from home, a folding table with my sewing machine on it, and a large, green recliner that I sleep on in the last trimester of my pregnancies. We recently moved the furniture around in here and it actually doesn’t look too bad (except that the folding table is old and the top is torn and stained, and I have boxes and piles of books and things to “get to” one of these days around the recliner and by the windows – ok it looks pretty bad). The walls are currently white. I have been wanting to paint them a deep red, but with the red already so prominent in the kitchen and dining room, I may want to choose a more soothing color in here. I found a picture in a magazine once (which I kept – maybe I can scan it in sometime) that showed a very nice bedroom. The walls were a cool, light teal, and the bedding was a mix of pale teal with peach and soft gold, I think. I’ll have to find it again. I actually bought some upholstery remnants with the colors so I could make some pillow shams if I painted the walls that color.

If I could, I would replace the Jacobean table with a roll-top or some other kind of desk that would hide any trace of technology (Ian’s computer, etc). It would take up less room than the table, and could be put in the corner. I would then replace the card table with the Jacobean for my sewing (and while I was at it I would replace my Brother sewing machine with a new Bernina heehee – I might as well dream big! If I REALLY dream big I will dream up a sewing room with a clean, neat place for all the supplies I need. I want and get it out of my bedroom altogether – but that will be another post). I would like to get the big green recliner out too, but there isn’t another place to put it, and it seems to be the only place I can sleep (or at least rest) during those last months. I wish I could at least replace it with something smaller and more feminine (but just as comfortable). Next to it I have a small side table with attached lamp. It doesn’t really “go” but I need light when I work on hand sewing, reading etc. It is in a “country” style, so maybe with a new coat of paint it would work somewhere else in the house.


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