Home Decorating: Master Bath

The walls, as I mentioned, are dark blue with metallic swirls hand-painted ALL OVER them. This is a very big room, for a bathroom. To give you an idea, there is enough room to place a twin bed or two in the middle of it. It has a big tub in one corner (I can put 5 of my kids in for a bath – although it is getting a bit tight now), and a shower in another corner. the third corner has the toilet, and the fourth has an attached linen cabinet. Between the cabinet and the tub is a counter with mirrored medicine cabinets above. Between the tub and the toilet is another counter with a sink and mirrored medicine cabinets above it. Between the shower and the linen cabinet is the door to the Master bedroom, and between the shower and the toilet, the wall juts out with a coat closet and the door to the mud room. Next to the shower is a space big enough to place a vanity and chair, but we currently have a changing table with a shelf above it for diapers & supplies. Whew! I am sure that is confusing, but there it is. The original white walls made this room look very big and cold. I think I should cover the gold swirls, but a dark blue might work in here if it coordinates with the red in the kitchen and the cashew in the mudroom, which are both just outside the door. But maybe a more subdued sage green would work, too, and make this a more restful place, especially as it connects to the Master Bedroom, which should be a place of rest. I’d like to run a chain across the ceiling and hang a lamp above the changing table. You’d think the 5 bright, hot vanity bulbs above both counters and the fan light in the ceiling would light up every corner of the room, but they don’t. I would like to also keep these counters clear of anything except for a pretty liquid soap dispenser and a hand towel holder by the sink, and maybe some candles or a tart burner on the other counter. I would like to eventually have a vanity where I could keep my makeup and do my face with good light, but diaper changing days are not over yet, and they won’t be for a while. A new toilet brush and plunger would be good, too. 10 years is probably long enough to use the same ones.


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