Home Decorating: Living Room

This room faces southwest, and has a gorgeous view of Pikes Peak from the windows. The walls, as mentioned earlier, are painted a warm “Roasted Cashew” which I love. There is a wood burning fireplace in one corner near the windows, and on the other side of the windows is the “front” door (which leads to the back yard) and the door to the coat closet. The opposite side of the room opens to the kitchen, with a pass-through between the two rooms. It is a long, narrow room, which I find difficult to decorate to my satisfaction. There aren’t any “corners” that can be used for furniture placement. One corner has the fireplace in it, one has the door and the closet, one is open and leads to the kitchen and dining room, and the last has a door to the Master bedroom in it.

We currently have two large sofas, a love seat (that matches one of the sofas – both quite faded), a coffee table, a matching side table that has at least one broken leg, a hand-me-down piano that is badly in need of tuning on the inside and refinishing on the outside, a sofa table that is in use as an altar, and an old fiberboard cabinet with a TV on it. The kids keep all their kitchen toys in it and “cook” and have picnics in the living room. The doors do not close all the way & I am always afraid the very heavy TV is gong to fall on the baby, who likes to climb!

What I would like to do is throw everything out and start over. However, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I like having enough comfortable seating for everyone, but I just can’t get it to look nice, even with sofa covers, and I don’t find this room a peaceful place to be. There’s just too much in it and none of it seems to “go” with anything else. I really want to get a nice TV armoire so that I can hide the TV away when it’s not in use. I would put it in front of the wall between the closet door and the opening to the dining/kitchen area, perhaps flanked by matching (or at least coordinating) book cases. On the book cases I would put potted plants, a matching buffet lamp on each one, and nothing else. I don’t think I would put anything on the wall above them. I’d throw away the old fiberboard cabinet, and find another place for the kitchen toys.

If I could, I would get rid of all of the seating and get one pretty love seat and two upholstered chairs to go in the middle of the room, centered around the windows. I’d like one of those small coffee tables with a glass-topped cabinet for display in it so I could put some decorative items in it without danger of little hands breaking them (things like Russian lacquer boxes, silver bouquet holders, little porcelain figurines, the displays changed with the seasons). As it is, I don’t have the budget to do this, and will probably just give away one of the sofas and save up to buy some nicer slip covers for the matching sofa & love seat. I would like to move the coffee table to the guest room (which is a play room for the older kids to play with things that the littler ones might swallow). It is the perfect height for the kids to build things on with Lego.

The upright piano I would like to have fixed and restained one color (it currently has brown on most of the body and orangish paint streaked on the lid and front. I don’t know how it ended up this way). I do not know where I would put it at the moment besides its current location between the fireplace and the door to the Master bedroom. I would not put anything on it, but on the wall above it I would put a framed picture (I don’t know what yet). The cover on the bench I would replace with something other than brown velveteen with orange flowers on it. It isn’t hideous, but it doesn’t “go.” Above the fireplace I would like to hang a large framed mirror, (or one like this) with nothing but a couple of seasonal items on the mantel (pillar candles for winter, white tapers in tall silver or crystal candlesticks (or these) for summer, a couple of ball topiaries for spring, etc.)

The altar I would like to put in a place where it is prominent and usable, but I really don’t know where. It is currently against the wall between the Master bedroom door and the opening to the kitchen. I wish I could center it on the wall opposite the windows, but there is no wall there – just the open space to the kitchen with the pass-through in it. Even if there were no other furniture in this room, there would be no prominent place to put it. maybe it can be transfered to the buffet in the dining room. The Guadalupe picture will already be there. I don’t know where we would put our Sacred Heart wall statue (He’s 3 -dimensional, except that his back is flat, to hang on a wall). I’ll try to post pictures later so you can give me ideas.


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