Home Decorating: Kitchen

This is the sponge-painted room I mentioned above. The color clashes slightly with the mudroom & living room walls (which both open to the kitchen), so I am thinking of repainting. I like the barn red of the dining area in the article I linked to above, but I need to find a shade that will go well with the Roasted Cashew of the two adjoining rooms. I don’t think that will be hard to find.

I also want to add a little color to the floor in the form of a rug near the sink, and a pot-hanger above the sink where I could hang plants in front of the window. I would love to add lighting to the counters, but I am not sure how to do this (nor do I have the budget). I have some appliances on the counters, and I would like to keep them in the cabinets until I use them. Clutter accumulates on any horizontal surface & it is a constant battle for me, as I don’t have a place (or this) to put a lot of the stuff that ends up there (my purse, receipts, cookbooks, notebooks, etc). I know I have a lot in the cabinets that I never use, so I am going to get rid of a lot of that so I can make room for my appliances and maybe have a special place where I can put the phone book and other things that are needed but don’t have a home. I’d also like to have some sort of box I can hang that will have holes on the bottom and a door on the front, where I can “hide” my cell phone while it charges. I don’t like the “look” of technology and would rather hide as much of it as possible. If I could have clear counters all the time (except for when I am actually preparing and serving a meal) I think I would be happy with my kitchen. I would love to only have a vase of fresh flowers on the island counter, and possibly some decorative item, like a rooster statue (or this one) or pretty lamp on the pass-through, and a fruit basket. A galley slave to clean up after me would be nice, while I am dreaming.

There’s a big blank wall between the mud room and the living room, where we recently placed a chest freezer. There’s still lots of room, so I would like to put a “family center” here -I have a magnetic dry erase board here but would like to replace it with a magnetic blackboard and a shelf for chalk, eraser, extra magnets to “keep it country” – I think the white dry erase board says “technology” don’t you? Maybe I’d top it with some wall decor – a clock perhaps, even though there is a digital clock on the microwave and the stove. How are my kids ever going to learn how to tell time if there are no “real” clocks in the house? I’d also like to move our family calendar here. It is currently on the side of the refrigerator, but it’s not easy to access because of the counter.


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