Home Decorating: Hall Bath

This room is between the girls’ & boys’ rooms, and the space between the three doors is fondly referred to as “the hall” (it measures about 4 X5 feet). The walls of the bathroom are currently white, but I would like to paint them a shade of tan to go with the various other tan rooms. I would like to put a frame around the mirror which is glued to the wall (so we can’t replace it easily). There are 5 bright “vanity globe lights” above the mirror. There is a toilet, and tub with a green/ burgundy/ gold plaid curtain around it. I might like to replace it with something like this. The counter which holds the sink has 3 cabinet doors under it, and lots of storage room. There’s also an attached linen cabinet between the door and the sink. I would like to put a framed picture over the towel rack across from the toilet. The one that’s there is a hand-painted water color of the cathedral in Florence. Ian & I bought it from a street vendor on our honeymoon. It may stay there. I like it. Maybe add a nice bath set.


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