Home Decorating: Girls' Room

As I mentioned, I painted a mural on 3 walls in here. It is unfinished and I doubt that I’ll ever finish it. I am thinking of painting the walls two shades of pink – one above a chair rail and one below. We currently have four girls, three of whom sleep in this room. We have one set of bunk beds in here, and a toddler bed. I would like to bring in another set of bunks and get all four girls in here. If I do that, I will need to figure out where to store all their clothes. Currently we have two dressers, two closets, and two very big drawers under the lower bunk holding all of their clothes, but I may need to remove one of the dressers to fit the other bunks in here. I’d like to put shelves on the walls to hold special things away from the reach of the littlest ones. This room will basically be only for sleeping and dressing, as there will be no room for desks or lamps, unless the lamps are wall-mounted next to the beds. The biggest problem I foresee is that both younger girls will be in the same room at nap time, which is not a good idea.


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