Home Decorating: Dining Room

This room is open to the kitchen, so I think the same color walls would be good. It is a very large room. We have a huge conference table as our dining table in here, and wooden chairs with broken rush seats and folding chairs, some with booster seats on them for the kids. I love the table. We have a large family & everyone fits when my In-Laws come over. I found some table cloths online that were on sale, so I can cover the whole thing (it’s about 20 feet long, I am guessing) and make it look quite elegant. When not in use as a dining table, it is excellent for school work and art, as it is not wood and wipes clean easily. I would like to replace the seats on the wooden chairs with pads or solid wood seats, but I am not sure how. I know I can figure it out; just haven’t had time to think about it. I would like to upholster them with something that will coordinate with the living room furniture, so we can take chairs in there for additional seating. The folding chairs keep losing screws, but they have not fallen apart yet and aren’t stained or torn, so we’ll keep them until we don’t need them for the booster seats. Ideally, I would replace the carpet in here with wood or nice-looking laminate (along with the kitchen & mudroom, which are all the same room). But then kids’ running and shouting would be a lot louder and the winter would be colder. Sigh. Maybe a runner along the side of the room that leads from the kids’ rooms towards the kitchen & living room would be a good remedy.

In this room there is also a metal cabinet that holds school supplies, my computer desk and chair, and a buffet. My desk’s horizontal surface ends up looking pretty bad because if the kids break a toy or draw a picture for me, or if they don’t know where something goes, guess where they put it? I do this too, so I am partly to blame. It has a hutch, where I used to keep my cookbooks (when the desk was in the kitchen), but it was put in the garage when we first put the house on the market because we expected to move right away. If I had my ‘druthers I would replace this desk with a roll top or something to hide my computer from view unless I were using it. I would get an attractive (not metal) file cabinet to file away beautiful artwork and broken toys until I could get to them. I would also replace the metal cabinet with something attractive (wood would be nice). The buffet is nice, but it needs to be cleaned and polished (and dusted regularly). I have a beautiful framed picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe which I would love to hang above the buffet, flanked with metal candle sconces or lamps of some sort. I would also like to replace the ceiling fixture with something more attractive than the flush-mount glass bowl with the “energy saver” bulb in it. A chandelier like this would be nice, and keep with the “country” feel of the place. I would probably put little lamp shades on it. I don’t know if there would be a way to center it above the table (or put two in), as the light fixture is not currently centered above the room). There is one long wall in here which I would like to turn into a family photo gallery. I have portraits of our family and I want to frame them and get them on the walls where they can be enjoyed. If we do paint the walls barn red, I think the pictures would look good in black frames with white mats.


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