Home Decorating: Boys' Room

This room is currently white, and one boy & one girl sleep in here. There is one small dresser that holds the boy’s clothes (but he’s getting bigger and his clothes are too). The toy box is also in here, along with a couple of larger toy vehicles. I would like to move the girl into the girls’ room and the baby into this room. The walls I would paint two shades of blue: one above a chair rail, the other below. I would put the older boy’s bed along another wall where it would not be in the way of the closet door, and I would put the crib where the bed is now, eventually replacing it with the toddler bed that one of the girls is using (and later just one set of bunk beds and no toddler bed). I’d like to put up shelves in here too, for some special collectibles or boy memorabilia.

Of course, if the baby I am now carrying turns out to be a girl, we might be in trouble. If he’s boy, we’ll just add another bed or set of bunks to the boys’ room.


2 thoughts on “Home Decorating: Boys' Room

  1. We still have the plans from Zach and Joe’s loft beds. They could be bunk or loft. If it helps – I know you have some handy men in your life.


  2. Ooooo! That sounds great! Dad made the bunk beds Lucy & Margaret are using now for Ian & James, but I doubt he has the plans anymore.

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