Peter Rabbit

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Discussion questions: Did Peter do as he was told by his mother? Did he get into trouble? What did he get for supper? Did Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail obey Mrs. Rabbit? Did they get into trouble? What did they get for supper? How should we behave when our parents tell us to do something?

Outdoor Activities:
Mr. McGregor’s Garden
Plant Peter’s favorite vegetables (carrots, lettuces, radishes, parsley, etc.) in a small garden plot or in containers if you don’t have the space in the yard. You might consider planting “rabbit tobacco” (lavender) and chamomile, too! Take care of your garden throughout the summer and harvest your vegetables.

Make and run an obstacle course, like Peter running away from Mr. McGregor

Take a nature walk through a rural area: spot bunnies or rabbit tracks. See what other animals or tracks you can find! Keep a nature journal an draw the animals, plants & tracks you see.

Indoor activities:
Pretend to be a bunny in the living room or play room. Hop slowly, like Peter did when he was trying to find his way out of Mr. McGregor’s garden (lippity, lippitty).

Draw Peter and his family in various scenes from the book, or use your imagination and draw what you think they might do on another day.

Snack: carrot sticks, salad, veggies with dip, chamomile tea with a little sugar or honey (and milk if you like)


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