New Project!

Many years ago I interviewed for a job at a library. It was for the position of children’s story hour reader. I did not get that job, but I found the most wonderful book at a children’s bookstore. It had short children’s stories in it, like Peter Rabbit and other classics, along with an activity for each story. Unfortunately, I did not buy the book, and I have kicked myself for not getting it ever since, especially since I started having children of my own! I do not remember the name of the book, nor have I been able to find anything like it again.

So! As we near the summer months I am going to attempt to compile my own ideas here. We’ll start with Peter Rabbit, since soon we’ll be able to go outside and garden and see rabbits hopping around. My next post will have some activity ideas for children to do with adults after reading the story. I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to add your own comments with ideas for any books you liked as a child or any your own children like, as well as activities (including cute snacks)!


3 thoughts on “New Project!

  1. hi kitty! thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comments. i’ll be adding you to my blogroll and i look forward to reading of your upcoming activities! blessings!

  2. I adore Beatrix Potter. Just read the amazing story of her life. Altho’ my son is 19, I still do dramatic readings of “Mr. Jeremy Fisher”. The “Tailor of Glouster (sp?)” is my favorite!

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments! Please leave any ideas for other activities either for the books I post or for any of your favorite books!

    KM, I wear my red apron with big pockets every day! I love aprons!

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