My Path

We have decided to take our house off the market for at least 3 months to have a “breather” while we work on school and live without having to interrupt our day for potential buyers to come see the house. In May we’ll re-assess the situation and go from there.

A few weeks ago I was really excited about painting all the rooms in the house and had the energy to do it. Unfortunately, it was extremely cold outside and I couldn’t do it (although we did buy some new interior doors to replace the ones on the children’s rooms, and some nice paint to go on them). It is nice and warm today (has been in the 60s the last few days) but I have no time, energy or desire to paint. All I want to do is take a nice, long (like 2 days long), hot shower and then sleep for a week on clean cotton flannel sheets under a down comforter in a dark room.

Instead I am feeding the kids some good leftover chicken stir-fry I made yesterday, and finishing up today’s school work with Lucy, and listening for Peter’s voice (I put him down for a nap but the other kids keep forgetting that shouting in the house is not allowed). God knows what is good for me. Sure, I could use a week at the spa, but changing diapers and doing laundry is the path God has set me upon, and it is the path that leads to heaven.

Well, it is quiet time now, so maybe I will get a 20 minute shower.


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