We Are in Exile on This Earth

I have begun thinking about our situation again here. Our house has been on the market for almost 1 1/2 years, and no one has made an offer. In about a month or so our current contract will expire and if our house does not sell between now and then, we are not going to renew it right away. We will enjoy the thaw of the snow (I HOPE!!!), and I will plan a big vegetable garden to grow with the kids this summer. We are planning on painting the rooms in the house in the colors we like, not just what “will sell” since that doesn’t seem to be working anyway.

We’re also, incidentally, trying to budget in some goat shares (for milk) and have friends who can sell them to us, as well as sell us fresh eggs, and my In-Laws this very night offered to go in with us on a side of beef (grass fed, no hormones, etc), even though we had not yet mentioned our thoughts to them yet.

A year ago I was on bed rest, very anxious about having my 6th child out here during a snow storm. I though for sure the house would sell on the day I went into labor and i would be hauling boxes through a blizzard to the moving van between contractions, and my midwife wouldn’t be able to get to us. Such were the mad ramblings of a stressed-out pregnant woman! Now, a year later, I would still like to move, but I am at peace with staying here as well, if that is His will.

Well, tomorrow is my Sabbath, and it is getting late. I must go to bed so I can get out early and have a good mini-retreat tomorrow (Monday). Please say a prayer for me for a fruitful day.

For some reason this did not get posted on Sunday, so I’ll try again today! I will be off-line for a week or so while we get a new Internet provider. If you submit comments and they bounce back as undeliverable, please check back here on or around Feb. 5th. I should have a new email address by then.


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