Primary Art Winter 2007

I am co-teaching a class to 7-9 year-olds this winter. We are taking the class over from a teacher who is unexpectedly moving out of state, and we have to somehow teach the basics of art on a very small budget. ($4.12 per session for ALL 12 children). One other Mom (Erin) and I are alternating weeks, so she is in charge of week 1, I am in charge of week2, etc. Another pair of Moms is taking the 5-6 year-olds for the same class.

Week 1 (Jan 10) Epiphany
Project: Erin had mentioned making treasure boxes representing the gifts of the Magi, but that was before we realized how little money we had. One other possibility is making paper crowns and painting or coloring them (Thank you, Mimi, for the idea).

Week 2 (Jan 17) January is Dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus
Project: make a monogram of “IHS” using stiff paper as a background, and outline the letters with yarn, gluing it in place. Then paint the “badge” gold and use yarn to hang it around the child’s neck, indicating that we belong to Him.

Week 3 (Jan 24) Conversion of St. Paul

Week 4 (Jan 31) Presentation of the Lord/Candlemas
Project: make “tin” lanterns out of foil-covered cardstock and punch holes in it in Christian designs. Parents can add a tea light at home.

Week 5 (Feb 7)

Week 6 (Feb 14) St. Valentine
Project: quilling with strips of pink, red, or purple paper. Make a Valentine for Jesus, our True Love.

Week 7 (Feb 21) Ash Wednesday/ Lent

Week 8 (Feb 28) Ember Days
Project: Make a set of sacrifice beads if I can find pony beads, strong cord, small crucifixes and holy medals VERY inexpensively or free. OR make a “Pocket Rosary Card” on a piece of cardstock (business card size or index card size): make indentations around the edge with an embossing plate or something similar, and paint or draw a Marian picture on the card.

Week 9 (Mar 7)

Week 10 (Mar 14) St. Patrick & St. Joseph
Project: make a shield out of cardboard, cover it with foil, and glue on symbols of the saints

Week 11 (Mar 21) Annunciation

Week 12 (Mar 28) Palm Sunday/Holy Week/Easter
Project: Make a cross out of tongue depressors and glue, paint it, and sculpt a Corpus out of air-drying clay and glue it onto the cross.

We are trying to follow the Liturgical Year as much as possible. If you have any ideas for themes, projects, or where we can get supplies for nothing or next-to-nothing, please feel free to comment! I cannot figure out how the original teacher was going to teach painting, sculpting, etc., with so little money! As it is, our class is going to be more “Crafts” than “Art.” I do have to mention a few rules we have: No glitter or sequins or other small hard-to-pick-up objects, and no burning things like candles or incense.


3 thoughts on “Primary Art Winter 2007

  1. Wow, it looks good. I’m glad the crown idea works – maybe use some jewels to “jazz” it up, without being too expensive.

  2. You can get supplies cheaply at thrift stores ~ also, for beads get cheap jewelry from thrift stores and pull them apart. You can maybe as at your church for people to bring old, broken rosaries and reuse the bead. Or ask parishioners if they have old art supplies you could use for your co-op. Most people have closets of the stuff, but don’t throw it out because it might be useful someday.

    Don’t forget pasta and beans and spray paint for fancying up many projects, glitter glue and giving a supply list to the parents if needed.

    Good luck!

  3. We had our first session yesterday. We had the kids make crowns out of wide strips of thick white paper. They cut the edges with fancy-edge scissors and used markers, colored feathers, and strips of fabric trim to decorate them. They also decorated some little paper boxes which my co-teacher found on clearance. The boxes were already covered with sparkly red paper. The kids added buttons and feathers to the top with glue.

    The younger class actually made little boxes out of cardboard and covered them with foil and stick-on earrings, and added a picture cut from an old Christmas card. They came out nice.

    I sent out an email to the co-op group and many responded with donations. We will probably not have to buy much, if anything. We might be able to leave most of our money to whoever has the Art class next semester, if that is allowed.

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