Merry Christmas and Back to School

I hope everyone is having a blessed Christmas season! We had a good time with relatives ad are now enjoying the large amount of snow we have here at home. The kids spent hours outside sliding down a steep drift beside the house, while I made them some herbal tea and ginger snaps.

We began our new semester of school this week, and although my 6-year-old said she does not like school because it involves Math, we are off to a pretty good start.

Next week is the first week of our homeschooling co-op, and I am teaching a Primary Art class to 7-9 year-olds. Some other moms and I are taking this class over from the original teacher, who is unexpectedly moving out of state this month, so we are having to use our imaginations to come up with a program! Not only do we not have a plan, we have only $4.12 to spend on each class period (for all 11 students, NOT each student). We’ll be doing a lot of paper projects, but I don’t know how we are supposed to buy supplies for the “painting, sculpture,” etc. that are in the course description! We are planning on tying in each of the 12 classes with some part of the Liturgical Calendar that falls close to the class date. So the first one will deal with Epiphany, the second with the Holy Name of Jesus, etc. Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Back to School

  1. I’d go with a Magi theme for Epiphany – you could make crowns, discuss frankencense, gold and myrrh, and perhaps do something with incense.

    I feel the same way as your daughter about math, by the way.

  2. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have anything burning (candles, incense, etc.), and none of my co-teachers own any incense. I’ll let the teacher in charge of that particular class know about the crown idea. I think she had planned on letting the kids make treasure boxes decorated with “jewels” but I don’t think she realized we could only spend $4 on the whole class. I’ll post the themes for the rest of the classes with my ideas, and I hope you will comment and add your own ideas.

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