So much for a weekly blog! (and Advent thoughts)

Well, here we are, finishing up week 12 of our homeshooling effort. Two more weeks and we’re free for the rest of Advent and Christmas. As the Christian Year ends with the Feast of Christ the King tomorrow (I started writing this on Saturday -oops) and we begin the new Year with Advent, I rededicate myself to posting at least once a week (unless I’m out of town ;)).

As we approach Advent, I once again ponder the miracle of the birth of the Savior. Twenty centuries later, we still celebrate His First Coming. There are parties and decorations, gifts for each other and lighted trees. All this I love and look forward to, but what gift do I have for my Savior on His birthday? I have bought or made all the gifts for family and friends, and even wrapped them on a good year, but am I prepared for His Second Coming? What if He actually came to one of the parties we give in His honor? Would He be pleased with what He sees? Would I actually welcome Him or would I rather He didn’t come?

Well, He is coming, so what can I do to prepare? What can I do to help those in my care to prepare? Prayer is a good place to start. I don’t have to buy any special equipment or do anything except turn to God in humility. Remember ACTS:

Adoration – I love You, Lord.
Contrition – I am sorry for the wrong I have done and the good I have left undone.
Thanksgiving – I thank You for everything You have given me.
Supplication – Please give me what I need to get to heaven, as well as what I need to do Your will here on earth.

I will blog more on this subject later this week.


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