Pray for Priests

pray for our priests car magnet
This morning at Mass, Father gave an impassioned plea for our prayers for priests. He talked about praying for vocations and how sad it is that the parish will only be able to have a communion service during the week because all the priests will be on retreat. He talked about how incredible the sacrifice of the Mass is and that that’s the priests number one responsibility.

I can only add that the sacrament of Holy Orders isn’t just for men! The men who answer God’s call to the priesthood are there for all of us. Without them, we can’t live our lives as Catholics! Without them, there is no Mass, no Eucharist, no “source and summit” of our Faith! Without them, Jesus isn’t present in the tabernacle! We need them, so we must do our part and AT THE VERY LEAST pray for their perseverance and faithfulness.

I am going to put a Pray For Our Priests Car Magnet on my vehicle. I hope that when you see one of these, you will stop and say a Hail Mary for our Blessed Mother’s dear sons. Better yet, put one on your car, too!


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