Whenever we run into financial difficulties, we are faced with the temptation to cut back or keep our tithe. After all, we are helping a family in need, right?

But this seems to leave God’s Providence out of the picture. If we say we trust in God, but keep back part of what is His to begin with, are we not lying (and stealing)?

I am renewing my dedication to giving my tithe faithfully every month. Please pray for me!


2 thoughts on “Tithing

  1. I have to tell you that my husband’s commitment to tithing has often caused me concern, as I have felt at times we couldn’t afford it. Boy was I wrong. God has so richly blessed us and cannot be outdone in generosity. But remember, it is permissable to give time and talents to the church that would otherwise cost them money if you just can not get by. It’s a real leap of faith. I’ll definatly keep you all in prayer.

  2. Isn’t that the truth! God is so generous with us when we don’t tithe, and He just blows me away when we do. I don’t know why I am ever tempted to stop, except that maybe I start thinking the blessings are due to my own work or goodness. Thank you for your continued prayers!

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